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William Beale’s Submission to Poetry Slam #4

Here’s a link to the full play list 

Head over to to vote for your favorite poets in the second FY POETRY SLAM. The two videos with the most likes on youtube by 11:59PM Pacific Time March 20th will advance to finals and have a shot at being on the first ever National Poetry Slam Team formed online! 

Poets Competing in slam #4 are: Emily Upson, Claire Travers, William Beale, Elaine Evarts, Brooke Pedersen and Blythe Baird. Best of luck to all our contestants! 

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All videos featured on this playlist were submitted by the artists.  We did not screen or sensor for content. Videos may contain triggering subject matter/language. 

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Nothing like a bit of five-minute Photoshop as a reaction to swooning over your beautiful friends

Nothing like a bit of five-minute Photoshop as a reaction to swooning over your beautiful friends

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While playing Catan

  • Ying: Nah you're white. That's your preferred colour right?
  • Liy: That's always just the one that's left! I like all colours for who they are OK.
  • John: All I hear is "I'll take anything, anything goes for me!"
  • Liy: Not my fault you focus so hard on our similarities.
  • John: Cheeky

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Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan. The mosque was built in 1634-1635 A.D and is located in the Inner City of Lahore, Pakistan.

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I love how the Addams Family has ZERO slut-shaming. Like… honey you can dance naked and enslave someone with your womanly charms if you want to, I don’t fucking care, but so help me you’re going to get a college education first.


The Addamses are what every family should aspire to be like (you know; without the dismemberment and electric chairs as play time).  Honestly, have you ever seen more unconditionally loving and supportive parents than Gomez and Morticia?  And not just with the kids, but with each other.  I think what’s especially unique about them is how open they are with everything.  They don’t treat their children like children.  They treat them like they treat everyone else; direct, and to the point. 

It’s creepy how many good examples of parenting and romantic relationships there is in these characters, especially considering they are supposed to be the antithesis of the stereotypical American nuclear family.

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tumblr coincidences <3


tumblr coincidences <3

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Kitty does not know what to do with the butterfly that landed on its paw.




Kitty does not know what to do with the butterfly that landed on its paw.


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The very first time I saw you Harry, I recognised you immediately. Not by your scar, by your eyes. They’re your mother Lily’s. Oh yes, I knew her. Your mother was there for me at a time when no one else was. Not only was she a singularly gifted witch, she was also an uncommonly kind woman. She had a way of seeing the beauty in others, even, and perhaps most especially, when that person couldn’t see it in themselves. Your father, James, however, had a certain, shall we say, talent for trouble. A talent, rumour has it, he passed onto you. You’re more like them than you know, Harry. In time you’ll come to see just how much.


Malaysia arresting Shiite families, infants, instead of finding plane

It seems so much taxpayer money is spent saving Malaysian Muslims from confusion. If only this didn’t take place in the form of hate campaigns against discriminated minorities, censorship, good concerts, squabbling over an Arab word, and being actively suspicious of the 9% of Malaysians who are Christian.

Hell, we even cannibalise each other as Muslims (bad Muslim, good Muslim, not sure if Muslim, putting babies in jail cells because you feel their parents aren’t right kind of Muslim).

Crime, corruption, bribery, pollution, racism, poverty— these things could confuse not only Malaysian Muslims, but like, ALL Malaysians. Can we worry about that more? Come lah worry a bit. ‪#‎justsaying‬

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i am crying

lookit how the slight changes in proportion totally changes the message and feel of their outfits

especially that last one on pink



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Photos by Rebekah Campbell 
Model: Sara Skinner 
Clothing: Charm School Vintage 

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Anatomically correct, Travis Bedel